“Passionate, loving, & trustworthy”: The Unforgotten Death of Keith Warren (Part 1)

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“I am not an unreasonable woman. I have said this to the Chief of Police of Montgomery County, to Chief [Thomas] Manger, to Chief [Marcus] Jones: I’ll meet you in the middle. I’ll go with “Undetermined”. All I’m asking is that you make it make sense to me; because there’s nothing medical, scientific, or factual to say that Keith’s death was a suicide.”

Easter Lilies

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“The systematic exploitation of my friends and I seemed normal to us because we knew nothing else, and because honestly, it’s normal for young girls to be hurt. And when perpetrators prey on the young, they can make the abuse seem attractive, like peer pressure on steroids.”

On the Safety of Storks: An Introduction

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“…This was originally supposed to be one piece on the triumphant return of wildlife and nature in general in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. As I began my research, I quickly became overwhelmed by conflicting opinions from journalists and scientists alike. No matter how much you study Chernobyl, you never get used to the incredulity these paradoxes invoke.”

Summary of “this season: dis/ misinformation”

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“Messaging platforms can be a megaphone for disinformation, as information can be spread at an exponentially larger rate than by word of mouth. This also goes for social media sites like Facebook, making them breeding grounds for radicalization. The inaction from policymakers about technology protections only exacerbates the problem; as Sneha pointed out, ‘Self governance alone is not the solution. We need to have government intervention.’”

Future and Options

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Futures and Options, a 501(c)(3), empowers New York City’s youth, particularly youth of color and students from historically underrepresented communities, to acquire transferable professional skills, pursue higher education, and successfully…


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Yule is a 18 year old LatinX artist located in Atlanta, Georgia. Yule uses her platform on TikTok to show her art, many of which can be seen as portraying…


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Robertson Consulting Group was started in 2015 by Beth and Lance Robertson. The primary focus of RCG is helping small businesses and non-profit organizations with their website needs. Working with the…

Jelly Ramos

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i’m a 23 year old, queer, pilipino, norcal-based artist! i love to make content and explore my passion for the creative process in all sorts of ways. mainly, i tend…

Jae Cameron

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Jae Cameron (she/they) is a development consultant with over ten years of experience in fundraising. They’ve worked with arts and human services organizations throughout the United States and Canada, serving as…

Dillon Bernard

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Dillon Bernard is a content producer and digital strategist committed to using storytelling as a tool for transformative change. As the Creative Director of Dillon Bernard Media, he helms a media…

The World Cup: Profits over Passion?

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“But I realize that these 90 minutes that many fans and I cherish so much are not as revered by the organizations and companies that have financial and political stakes in this game. Through our love for this beautiful game, I realize that all 5 billion of us are continually being used as pawns by organizations such as FIFA and its sub-regional organizations…”

Finding a Way to Serve: Our Board President’s 9/11 Story

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“Across the 80th floor (as we found out later) was a huge, dark slash where the left wing of the airplane cut through. Then in the middle was a gaping, smoking hole, a rough circumference of the aircraft fuselage…. We were stunned. People tried to call family and friends to make sure they were safe. But it wouldn’t be long before cell service dropped dramatically.”

“Do not draw your attention away from Chernobyl” (Part One)

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“…We are constantly warned by experts that this is a serious issue that requires our careful attention, and almost every time they are dismissed. Just like the Soviet Union, we as a global community are being afforded opportunity after opportunity to take Chernobyl seriously. And, like the Soviet government, we are not seizing those opportunities.”

Acts of Care: A Conversation with Chef Jenny Dorsey (Part Two)

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“Because change happens so slowly over a period of time, I sometimes wonder when we look at the Civil Rights marches and we know that they were hugely impactful right now, 50 years later, but at the time how did everyone in them feel? I wonder if they also felt unsure of the future and if this was going to create real change.”

Acts of Care: A Conversation with Chef Jenny Dorsey (Part One)

Tags: cooking, identity, jenny dorsey

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“I think overall food is an act of care. Cooking is an act of care… Food can take on so many different meanings, which is why people care about it so much. It can very much be a really loving act of care, but also it can be a very negative, really painful, really like… it can stir up a lot of things.”

My American-Ecuadorian Identity Crisis

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“Whenever I would go back and forth from Ecuador to the United States I would always hear [my cousins] say “Mis primos son de los Estados Unidos” with such pride. However, what they don’t understand is the huge identity crisis that so many children of immigrant parents go through.”

Welcome to the March On Foundation Blog!

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“In the next few months, you’ll hear stories about finding an individual identity in a multiracial (but inherently racist) country, how history can inform modern activist practices, and women who took hold of a cause and never let it go.”

Plated LA

PLATED LA is an organization that seeks to help BIPOC & female-owned restaurants in Los Angeles. We believe restaurants and the food they serve are an integral part of any…


Dine11 works to support healthcare workers and local restaurants through the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Through the generosity of our donors, local restaurants are able to remain open to prepare healthy…

The Coco Fund

In partnership with local NYC restaurant owners, March On Foundation created the COVID Community (COCO) Fund to provide immediate, critical financial support to some of the hardest-hit by COVID-19: our…