Robertson Consulting Group was started in 2015 by Beth and Lance Robertson. The primary focus of RCG is helping small businesses and non-profit organizations with their website needs. Working with the client, RCG helps design and build the website, then provides technical support for additional components such as external platforms to manage donations, mailing lists, social media marketing and other organizational needs. After the 2016 election, Beth and Lance decided that they needed to do whatever they could to help progressive candidates and causes by offering technical consulting so they formed Blue Causes. Some of their clients include candidates for federal office (Senate in CO and SC, House in CA), advocacy organizations and candidates for local races. Providing technical consulting includes working with all the major progressive SAAS providers such as ActBlue, Action Network, NGPVan, TurboVote, Nation Builder and more. Please reach out to Beth at beth@robertsonconsultinggroup.com to learn more.

Visit www.robertsonconsultinggroup.com to learn more.

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