We Make Organizing Easier

March On Foundation exists to increase civic engagement, champion first amendment rights, and amplify the voices of the underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed in order to empower and support our communities.

We believe in sustainable practices and evolutionary thinking.

In partnership with March On and Future Coalition, we launched Future Incubator, a nonprofit startup incubator program that gives youth-led and grassroots groups the professional tools, skills, and relationships needed to run successful, lean organizations and lead powerful social movements.

We have provided COVID-19 aid since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 with local partners across the nation. Our signature projects, Dine11, The COCO Fund, focus on relief for the hospitality industry and its workers.

We began as March On Maryland in Annapolis, MD in 2017. We continue to give back to the community that helped us start out. Today, we are the proud active members and partners of numerous local grassroots groups.

Storytelling has the power to change history. We provide multiple platforms for organizers and activists to tell their stories, with a specific focus on marginalized communities.

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